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Solent University

England / Undergraduate - Postgraduate

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Solent University is an exciting, modern university on the south coast of the United Kingdom. Just over an hour away from London, Southampton is diverse, lively and packed with things to do - and Solent is right in the heart of the action. We have a strong focus on preparing our students for jobs with our distinctive courses tailored to industry needs; with real-life client briefs, industry guest lectures, field trips and opportunities for work experience, preparing students with the skills and experience requested by industry. We also have a wide variety of industry-standard facilities from modern media facilities, creative studios along with our own public art gallery, and a new sports building due to open in summer 2019, adding two new sports halls, three fitness studios, a health and wellbeing gym, a strength and conditioning gym and further high-quality teaching facilities to the campus. We prepare students for an increasingly globalised world. Whatever your ambition, our courses, facilities and expert staff will equip you to excel. And they're all designed to bring out the best in you. When you leave us, you'll be a focused, well-rounded graduate with experience under your belt and clear sense of purpose. Just the kind of graduate that employers are looking for.

Scholarships and grants for EU students

“Solent University has frozen its fees for EU students starting their course in 2021. Therefore, the fees for an undergraduate degree remain at £9,250 per year. Postgraduate fees also stay the same (between £4,600 and £10,900 depending on the subject). More information is available from our website.”


Cinematics & photography

Design studies

Drama & theatre studies

Fine art


Hair, beauty & personal care


Business studies

Management studies


English studies



Sports science



Media studies

Computer science

Information systems

Software engineering

General engineering

Maritime technology

Mechanical engineering

Naval architecture

Production & manufacturing engineering