Unite Students: Student accommodation in the UK

Choosing accommodation is an exciting part of students’ preparation before coming to the UK.
There are four accommodation types to choose from in the UK:

University accommodation: Most UK universities will offer first year students and international students a room in their university accommodation.

Private landlords: Rent a flat from a private landlord, or a room in a shared flat/house.

Homestay: Live in a room in a family home, sharing meals with family members and getting the chance to practise English every day.

Purpose built student accommodation: Rent a room, a studio or a flat from private companies that specialise in student accommodation. The rental price normally includes all bills.

UNITE students

Unite Students is the largest and most experienced private student accommodation provider in the UK, with 177 properties across 27 university cities.

At Unite Students, you can choose from different room types, depending on your budget or needs. These include:

  • Non en-suite rooms (with a shared bathroom) or en-suite rooms (with a private bathroom) in shared flats (flatmates share the same kitchen).
  • Studios: A self-contained space to yourself, with private bathroom and kitchen area.
  • Two-bedroom apartments: A flat with a private bathroom and kitchen with dining area, and one or two separate bedrooms.

Tenancy lengths

Students can choose to stay for 51 weeks, including the academic year and summer (usually from September until August), or for the academic year only (usually from September until the end of June).

When should students book their accommodation?

Students can look at accommodation options and book rooms up to 10 months before the date at which they intend to go to the UK. Typically, the earlier you book, the cheaper it is.

Price range

It is important to note that rent is advertised on a weekly basis in the UK, which differs to many other European countries who advertise monthly rental prices. Prices can vary significantly depending on the city and the room type selected. For more information, please visit www.unitestudents.com

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For any enquiries regarding Unite Students, please email IM_International@unitestudents.com.